To Keep “Old Glory” from the Flame


It was on the news last night

The judges said it’d be all right

For folks to burn the Stars ‘n Stripes

An’ damn ain’t that a shame.


Well, I b’lieve when they opened that show

A fire was started that hell won’t hold

In hearts of men who paid the toll

To keep “Old Glory From the flame.


It seems like ancient times

Beneath “Old Glory “ we fought and cried

While all around us young men died

To keep “Old Glory” from the flames


The year was nineteen sixty-nine

Or ‘fifty-one or was it forty-five

Scared young men as heroes died

To keep “Old Glory” from the flames



And who’ll tell the boys that died

They burned “Old Glory” in the street last night

I know they’re watching, I can feel their eyes

All the boys that died, to keep “Old Glory” from the flame


(Original lyric)
Past generations of fathers and sons
Faced cold Korea, before the ‘Nam
On Dunkirks beach and at old Argonne
They kept “Old Glory “ from the flame
(Updated lyric)
New generations of daughters and sons
Stand for freedom, against jihad
On Baghdad streets and in Kandahar
They keep “Old Glory” from the flame



So you folks do what you thinks best

But they won’t burn my flag, and you can damn sure bet


Like every time before when there’s come a test

We’ll keep “Old Glory” from the flames.



And who’ll tell the boys that died

They burned “Old Glory” in the street last night

I know they’re watching, I can feel their eyes

All the boys that died, to keep “Old Glory” from the flame

All the boys that died, to keep “Old Glory” from the flame


You really think they’d understand --- Why don’t you tell me about it

I am trying to get this song out to the public for some friends:
Here is their email to me and info:

Hiya Sarge,

If you have a minute, please listen to the attached song and read the lyric. If you think maybe it is something worth listening to more than once, read on.
Frank Exum and I wrote this song and we are attempting to get enough copies of it out there to have it picked up by a big name artist. Why?? All the writers royalties will go to disabled veterans. Luke Stricklin did this with his Irag song and got himself a record deal. We don't want a record deal, we just want the song to do some good, for some folks that need a hand. Heck, me and Frank are both to old and to ugly to worry about more than just this one mission. To make a real impact we need a big name artist to cut this thing. The artist can even say they wrote it; 'course the royalties, by written legal contract, will still have to go to the disabled veterans. After that Frank & I are through. We can sit back down and drink more beer.

The song was played more than a few times at the Gathering Of Eagles on 17 Mar. 2007 in DC, before the formal GOE ceremony. Lord, was that not a great day for America or what. Thirty thousand strong and no backing up from the moonbats. Col. Harry Riley is trying to help us get it placed through his contacts in the music industry. You can contact him, through GOE and check my veracity if you like.
Frank and I believe this property has legs and could generate a chunk of change for the disabled military guys and gals in need of a hand. We own the unencumbered copyright in total. We will sign the writers royalties over to one of the disabled veterans organizations, if we can get a Toby Keith or an Alan Jackson type to jump on the bandwagon. Why??? Hell if I know. Frank and I decided it was the right thing to do. Both of us were two hitch military types and came home without a scratch. 1970 - 1980. That's enuf for us. Now we're out tilting at windmills and hoping for a miracle.

If you like the song spread it far and wide. Tell folks of our intent and mission. Maybe someone with a bit of the right contacts in the right place will help us out. I wrote the lyric and Frank got the music straightened out, but the song came from the folks that didn't come back from our war - we're just the delivery boys. Thanks for the listen.

Best Regards,
Dwain Cleveland

PLEASE pass this on............



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