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Price List

Procedure/Treatment Cost Service
Adjustment $40.00 One Adjustment
Adjustment with Massage* $50.00 One Adjustment & One Massage
Adjustment with Prepaid Follow-up** $55.00 Two Adjustments ($27.50/visit)
Adjustment with Prepaid Follow Up**
and Prepaid Massage*
$80.00 Two Adjustments & Two Massages ($40.00/visit)
Follow Up**, NOT Prepaid $30.00 One Adjustment
Follow Up**, with Massage*, NOT Prepaid $45.00 One Adjustment & One Massage
Ultrasound Associated with any Treatment $10.00 One Treatment
Muscle Stim Associated with ANY Treatment $10.00 One Treatment
Orthotic Fitting $25.00 One Pair
SAVE $$$$ on Packages    
Five Prepaid Adjustment Package
MUST be used within 90 days of first visit.
$130.00 ($26.00/visit)
Five Prepaid Adjustment WITH Massage* Package
MUST be used within 90 days of first visit.
$185.00 ($37.00/visit)

NOTE: Prepaid Package Visits may be used by other family members WITH Originators signed authorization.

*Massage means an approximate 15-minute warm up massage.
**Follow Up means one additional adjustment treatment within two weeks of original treatment.

PRICES are subject to change and are not guaranteed.
PLEASE check at time of service for current prices.


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