The following are some photos of my tour in Iraq.
These are current as of April/May 2004.

Back home now, promoted to First Sgt and working hard in the good old USA!

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(1) Here I am! (2) Me and my squad!
(3) VooDoo Patrol (4)Al Asad
(5)End of the line. (6)-"Road" hard and put up wet after eleven hours.
(7)Worn Out (8)Team picture: front-Doc Cook, me, Cpl Aikara, back-Cpl Chavez, Sgt Robinson, Cpl Ray, Sgt Anzalone
(9)Search and Sweep (this is where we found the rockets) (10)Bradley IFV, God Bless the 1ID, they shoulda been Marines!
(11)Where the hell are we? (12)Patrol through the palm groves
(13)Getting ready to "bump" (14)GOOD MORNING "Baghdad"
(15)Burnt Out Fuelers (16)Still Burning
(17)Cpl Boom-Boom Chavez (18)Cpl Ray
(19)Designated Marksmen (20)Getting Ready to Roll
(21)Hearts and Minds 2 (22)Hearts and Minds 3
(23)LCpl Carmichael (24)Never Stand When You Can Sit
(25)Overlooking Palm Groves (26)Set Security
(27)Sgt-Robinsonsm (28)Chavez on Radio
(29)Al Jazeera Village 29 Apr 04 (30)Checking Line in hasty defence
(31)Continuing to Checking line (32)Cpl Aikara 29 Apr 04
(33)Cpl Aikara in target compound 18 May 04 (34)Inside target bulding 18 May 04
(35)Inside target building with bloody writing on walls 18 May 04 (36)Sunrise in hide spot, just outside of target building 18 May 04
(37)Doc Cook after the canal flooded 18 May 04 (38)Cpl Kennedy inside target building 18 May 04
(39)Cpl Chavez passed out from fatigue on radio 18 May 04 (40) Cpl Kennedy looking into compound of target building 18 May 04
(41)Cpl Ray, in doorway of building we hid in 18 May 04 (42)Ravens Cheerleaders Kuwait June 2004

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