The following are some photos of my tour in Iraq.
These are current as of 2004.


"CLICK on image to Enlarge"

(43) Flight to Kuwait June 2004 (44) Royal Tongan Marines (Blue Diamond) (June 2004)
(45) Japanese Armored Cars Kuwait (June 20040 (46) Japanese Soldiers (June 2004)
(47) Kuwait Sunset (June 2004) (48) FULL Moon in the Desert (June 2004)
(49) Tent Camp in Kuwait (June 2004) (50) RT Blue Diamond Tribal Dance (June 2004)
(51) RT Luau without woman (June 2004) (52) RT Combat Lifesaving training (June 2004)
(53) Ravens Cheerleaders & Royal Tongan Marines (1) (June 2004) (54) Ravens Cheerleaders & Royal Tongan Marines (2) (June 2004)

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