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Basic Maintenance:


  1. Clean up Internet Explorer files and cookies by LEFT CLICK on the IE desktop Icon, then click on properties, then click on “Delete Cookies”, “Delete Files” and “Clear History”
  2. TIP: While in the IE Properties screen you can also change the Home Page you would like IE to go to each time it opens.
  3. NEXT click on “START” button, browse to “programs”, to “Accessories”, “System Tools” and Click On “Disk Cleanup”, make sure all boxes are checked unless there are some you do not want to clean. (This cleans out a lot of junk on your system)
  4. NEXT click on “START” button, browse to “programs”, to “Accessories”, “System Tools” and Click On “Disk Defragmenter”, then Click on “Defragment”. (This aligns up all your programs for quicker access)


I WOULD SUGGEST doing this maintenance once a month, at a minimum.
I would also suggest that you update your anti-virus software at least once a day and run a scan once a week.



I would also suggest that you purchase Norton SystemWorks Pro and do the following:


Norton SystemWorks Pro:


  1. Click on Norton SystemWorks Pro desktop icon and click on “Live Update” to make sure it is up to date.
  2. Click on “One Button Checkup” then “Begin Checkup”, after scanning Click on “Begin Fix”, then close.
  3. Next click on “Norton Utilities” and to “Find and Fix Problems”, then to “Norton WinDoctor”, make sure the radial button is on “perform all WinDoctor tests and click next, let it do it scanning and when it is finished Click on “Next”, then “Finish”, If you have any problems, highlight them one at a time and click on the “Repair wrench in the toolbar, then “OK” and “OK” again and continue till all problems are fixed then Click on the “X” on the program to get back to the main window of Norton.
  4. Click on “Norton Utilities” to close that part of the window and click on “Norton AntiVirus”, at this point you should be able to see your system status and make sure it is OK,
  5. Next Click on “Scan for Viruses”, and “Scan my Computer”, if anything is found Norton will tell you what to do.
  6. Click on “Norton Antivirus” to close that part of the window and on to “Norton CleanSweep”, then Click on “Fast & Safe Cleanup”, Click on “Clean Now” and Close.
  7. Click on “Norton CleanSweep”, then close Norton.


There are other things you can do with Norton but this info is for help in cleaning up your PC computer and to get it running a little bit faster. See your manual for more info on Norton.







Before defragging your system always disable System Restore “if applicable”. It is best to disable pagefile also.
To disable System Restore, open system control panel and click on the system restore tab.
Next, check the “Turn off System Restore”.
To temporarily disable the pagefile, click on the Advanced tab, and click the Settings button in the Performance section.
Click the Advanced tab again , and then click change. Click “No Paging file”, then keep pressing the OK until you are back at the desktop.

When you reboot your system , open up defrag by opening My Computer and right-clicking your C: drive.
Go to Properties, then Tools, then Defragment Now, and on the subsequent screen, click Defragment.
After Defragment finishes, go back into the System control panel and re-enable the pagefile and System Restore. Reboot and you computer should run quite nicely.

You may want to print this page for reference.




Click on “START” , “Search”, “For Files and Folders”, then “All Files and Folders”, make sure the dropdown menu is “Look in” “Local Hard Drive C”, type in what program you want a shortcut to like “Norton”, click on “Search” , find an icon that has the little shortcut arrow at the bottom left of the icon and it should show that it is a shortcut, drag it to your desk top and your done.



Left click anywhere on your desktop, Click on “Arrange Icons by” and select what you want……..




Spy Sweeper



ALL info on this page is given with the intent to help in cleaning up your computer.


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