Constituted on 1 July 1916 in the Regular Army and activated on 1 June 1917 at Douglas Arizona.

Assigned to 6th Division in November 1917 and equipped with 155mm-howitzers. The 6th Division

arrived in France in July 1918. The 11th FA participated in the Meuse-Argonne campaign and is

famous for having fired the last U.S. artillery round of WW I on November 11th, 1918.


The 11th FA Regiment was reassigned to the Hawaiian Division on 1 March 1921 where it served

as the general support regiment of the 11th FA Brigade. On 1 October 1941, 11th FA Regiment

was reorganized and re-designated as the 11th Field Artillery Battalion and assigned to the 24th

Infantry Division. The battalion saw its first action of WWII when the Japanese attacked Hawaii on 7

December 1941. In WW II the 11th FA served as the general support battalion of the 24th infantry

Division making three amphibious assaults during four campaigns in New Guinea, and the Philippines.

At the end of the war the 24th was sent to Japan for occupation duties.


When the North Koreans invaded South Korea in June 1950 the 24th was the first division sent in

response. Conducting a series of delaying actions, the division supported by the howitzers of the

11th FA fell back to the Pusan Perimeter where the Eighth Army stopped the North Koreans.

The 11th Field Artillery participated in a total of eight Korean campaigns. For its gallantry the

11th FA received two Presidential Unit Citations and two Republic of Korea Presidential Unit



On 31 March 1958 former Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB), 1st Battalion, 11th

Field Artillery Regiment was reorganized and re-designated as HHB, 7th Battalion, 11th Artillery.

The 7th Battalion was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division and activated 1 April 1960 at Schofield

Barracks returning the 11th to Hawaii after an absence of nineteen years.


Arriving in Vietnam on 29 April 1966, the 7th Battalion participated in all twelve campaigns of the

25th Division as the direct support battalion (105mm howitzer) for the 1st Brigade receiving a

Valorous Unit Award for Tay Ninh Province. A Battery 7/11 FA recieved a Presidential Unit Citation
for its actions at FSB Crook June 1969.
SEE Fire Support Base Crook Info.


The 7th Battalion returned to Hawaii in December 1970. (In 1971 the 11th Artillery was re-designated

the 11th Field Artillery) The 7th Battalion was inactivated on 13 September 1972. On 17 September

1989 HHB, 7th Battalion 11th FA was allotted to the Army Reserve and activated as Battery G,

11th Field Artillery at Mankato, Minn. The battery was inactivated on 15 April 1994. Battery B,

11th FA Battalion was re-designated as HHB, 2nd Battalion, 11th Artillery on 31 March 1958,

activated on 21 June 1958 at Fort Campbell, Ky. as a 155mm howitzer battalion.


The 2nd Battalion arrived in Vietnam on 13 December 1966 and was initially assigned to II

Field Forces and based at Dau Tieng. The battalion also served with Task Force Oregon and

with the 23rd Artillery Group.

In 1968 it was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division. The 2nd Battalion participated in thirteen

Vietnam campaigns receiving a Valorous Unit Award for Quang Ngai Province and two awards

of the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry. Battery C received a Presidential Unit Citation and

a Valorous Unit Award. The 2nd Battalion departed Vietnam on 1 January 1972. On

13 September 1972 the 2nd Battalion was assigned to the 25th Division, replacing the

7th Battalion.



11th Field Artillery Lineage and Honors

Heraldic Items

Shield Symbolism: The 11th Field Artillery served in France with the 6th Division, its battle service being in the province of Lorraine. The arms of Lorraine have three alerions on a red bend, the field being gold to which is added to the insignia of the 6th Division. The crest of the canton represents formation of the regiment by transfer of personnel from the 6th Field Artillery. The crest is a black lion rampant taken from the arms of Stenay in commemoration of the principal action of the regiment, which was in support of the 89th Division during the crossing of the Meuse near Stenay. The insignia of the 6th Division is in the lion's paw.

Crest: On a wreath of the colors, or and gules, a lion rampant sable, langued gules, grasping in his dexter paw a six-pointed mullet as on shield.

Motto: On Time.


Constituted 1 July 1916 in the Regular Army as the 11th Field Artillery. Organized 1 June 1917 at Douglas Arizona. Assigned in November 1917 to 6th Division. Relieved 12 November 1920 from assignment to the 6th Division. Assigned 1 March to the Hawaiian Division (later designated the 24th Infantry Division). Relieved 31 March 1958 from assignment to the 24th Infantry Division. 2nd Battalion, 11th Field Artillery, currently assigned to the 25th Infantry Division (Light).


Presidential Unit Citation, Korea, 1950
Presidential Unit Citation, RVN, 1969
Valorous Unit Award, RVN, 1972
Meritorious Unit Commendation, RVN, 1966-67
Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, World War II, 1944-45
Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, Korea, 1951
Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, Korea, 1952-53

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