This page is in HONOR of my GOOD FRIEND Danny Weasenforth.


I have never met Danny face to face however we have been friends for a few years now via the Internet.

I first met Danny while cursing the Internet and looking at other veterans web sites.

I signed his GuestBook and we started emailing each other.

We found out that we were in the same area at the same time.

He asked me to look at his photo album and around the last page to look at the last picture.

I did and emailed him that it was what was called the “Black Virgin” Mountain or Neui Bu Den (Spelling?).

He told me I was one of the first to name it and we have been friends ever since.


We served in Vietnam at approximately the same time and in similar areas.

Who knows, we may have seen each other in Vietnam?

What a small world huh?


We both are disabled veterans.

We both have built web sites and are helping veterans with similar disabilities

And those who need help in finding and filing the proper paper work for veteran’s compensation

Along with what support and help a non-professional can offer.

I may say non-professional however I mean soldiers who have ‘Been There, Done That”

And are willing to do their best to help others.


We both continue to do so today!

A short bio on my best friend:

I joined the U.S. Army in June 1968 to avoid being drafted. I was sent to Ft. Knox, KY for basic training and stayed at Knox for AIT (Advanced Individual Training) in Armor. During AIT I had the opportunity to go to Warrant Officer Flight Training, but because of a severe case of brain freeze, I turned it down. After AIT, I was selected for M551 Sheridan training, again at Ft. Knox. I completed all of my training in Dec. 1968 and went to Vietnam in Jan. 1969. I was fortunate that I went over there with a few guys that I went thru basic, AIT and Sheridan training with and we were all assigned to C Troop 11th Cav. I left Vietnam Jan 1970. The rest of my time in the Army is as follows.


Feb. 1970 to April 1973 I was assigned to B Troop 3/7 Cav, 3rd Infantry Division in Schweinfurt, Germany where I qualified as the Highest rated Sheridan Gunner in Europe.


June 1973 to 1975 I was assigned to A Troop 3rd Armored Cav, Ft. Bliss, Texas.


1975 to 1978 I went to Combat Support 1st Bn. 33rd Armor, 3rd Armored Division, Gelnhausen, Germany


1978 to 1980 D Troop 10th Cav, 194 Armored Brigade, Ft. Knox, Ky.


1980 to Feb 1, 1981 when I gave up on the Army and got out


Shortly after getting out of the military I went to work for the El Paso Sheriff dept, El Paso, TX. and finally quit there after I started having health problems. I am now 100% P&T disabled for Prostate Cancer, PTSD, Peripheral Neuropathy in both legs and left arm, severe hearing loss, two bad knees and Sugar Diabetes.


I have been happily married for 32 years, had four children, one of which died in 2002 and have 10 fantastic grand kids


After becoming disabled I went to College and received a degree in Correctional Science, one in Law Enforcement and a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. I also have a certificate of completion in computer science





Vietnam Service

And info



Danny served with:

C Troop 11ARC (2nd plt.) 1968-1969

Web Site:

Email address:




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