It Is Just Another Memorial Day

by Thomas D. Segel
May 24, 2002:



Well, it is here again. It is just another Memorial Day.

There were 25,325 citizens who gave up their lives during
the American Revolution so people like you and I could spend

our holiday at the Mall.

It is just another Memorial Day. Still, this will give the family time
to be together and see the latest Star Wars movie at Cinema 16.

We don't have time to remember 2,260 Americans died in the War of 1812.

Yes, it is just another Memorial Day. We wouldn't even get together for
a family picnic, if those 498,332 men hadn't died for our right to do
so, during the Civil War.

Oh, it is Memorial Day again. We would fly our flag, if we could
remember where we stored it. But, those 2,446 American soldiers who
gave up their lives during the Spanish American War don't really care
if the flag is raised.

Memorial Day. They told us that 116,316 Americans went to their deaths
during World War I and 407,316 more died in World War II. Facts like
that are just boring history.  To think about those deaths would put a
damper on the big day at the auto races.

Oh, it is Memorial Day again and time to watch those old guys from the
VFW and American Legion try to march with the flag and salute at local
ceremonies. Why, they don't even have matching uniforms.  And they are
delaying the start of the big ball game. Anyway, who really remembers
those 54,246 Americans who died during the Korean War they are honoring.

It is just another Memorial Day. We have almost forgotten about the
58,151 young men and women who died in the Vietnam War. A few drinks at
the big holiday party today and they won't even be a shadow in our

There have been twelve Memorial Days since the first shots were fired
in the Persian Gulf and the War on Terror started. We don't know how
many have died or how many more will earn their final reward. But, we
do know the numbers are very small. Right now we need to worry about
the rising cost of gasoline and the family trip.

It is just another Memorial Day. There is less harmony in government
than there was after September 11th. There is a return to political
correctness. Petty politics prevails. The blame game is in full swing.
There is only lip service given to our fighting forces of today and
yesterday. The flag isn't flying as high or from as many flag poles.

Think about it America, Count those numbers of war dead again. Are you
worth the price of those tombstones? This really is much more than just
another Memorial Day!

"Taps" John Wayne