CYBER SARGE’S is promoting the crafting of quilts to draw widespread national attention to the plight of the Vietnam Veterans affected by Agent Orange sprayed on them in Vietnam. These quilts will be a memorial, tribute and honor to these veterans, both living and dead. The quilts are called “THE QUILTS OF TEARS” for many tears have been shed for these victims, If you, as a Vietnam Veteran, believe that your health problems have arose from exposure from Agent Orange, we encourage your family members to make a quilt block in your honor. If you are a widow and you believe your loved one’s death was caused from Agent Orange, we encourage you also to submit a block! Jennie will be honored to display a block for you in the” Quilts of Tears”. There have been many deaths due to Agent Orange exposure; our Vietnam Veterans are dying every day from this great tragedy.


This lady is an ANGEL and has been sent to help us with our healing, and to enlighten those who are yarning to know about AGENT ORANGE and its effects on the Vietnam Veteran. She travels the United States hauling around a huge amount of hand made quilts dedicated to those who have AGENT ORANGE illnesses and those who have died from them.

She doesn’t get paid for doing it; she is sponsored by the people who invite the Quilts to their event! She does not charge a fee for displaying the quilts, and only asks that her travel expenses be provided, otherwise she could never afford to display the quilts as often as she does. Her time is free, it is given from her heart for the Agent Orange Victims. She has spent $13,000.00 of her retro DIC award to buy a van. She did not buy it for my personal pleasure or use, she would have no need for a van other than for hauling the Quilts to events. The only trip she pays for is the Vietnam Veterans Reunion, in Melbourne, Fla. and all events in Washington D.C. Talk about dedication and spirit! I am overwhelmed with her compassion for veterans and the things she goes through for us!!


I am dedicating this page to her and her undying spirit……THIS ONES FOR YOUR JENNIE!


If you get a chance PLEASE stop by and see her quilts and pause in a moment of peace for those who gave their lives for us!


"The Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange

Quilts of Tears Memorial on Tour."

2004 Quilt’s of Tears Display Schedule:

April 19- In Memory Day near the Wall in Washington D.C.

April 22, Shopping Mall,
Kissimmee, Fl

April 23, 24,25-
Vietnam Veterans Reunion Melbourne, Fla.

April 30, May 1,2-
Vietnam Veterans Reunion, Booneville, Ca

May 14,15,16-
St Louis. Mo in conjunction with the Vietnam Wall Experience

May 29,30- Banks of Reflecting Pool
Washington D.C.  , may be postponed due to the World War Two Memorial  dedication

June 4,5- Rockford, Ill, in conjunction with the Vietnam Wall Experience

Washington D.C.  Dedication of In Memory Plaque, no date set as yet

June 24, 25, 26- Cleveland, Ohio with the  Vietnam Wall Experience

July 2, 3, 4, Toledo, Ohio, in conjunction with the Vietnam Wall Experience

July 8 ,9, 10.
Buffalo. N.Y. in conjunction with the Vietnam Wall Experience

August 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20- Caro, Mich, with another Moving Wall

August 27,28,29,- Columbus, Ohio, in conjunction with the Vietnam Wall Experience

September 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 - Spring Hill, Fl, MIA POW Day, with another Moving Wall, pending

October 22, 23, 24- Waco, Tex, in conjunction with  Vietnam Wall Experience

Nov 5,6,7- Huntsville, Tex, in conjunction with the Vietnam Wall Experience

Nov 12,13, 14- Tampa, Fl, in conjunction with the Vietnam Wall Experience





Directions for making a quilt block:


• Cut two blocks 20 1/2 x 20 1/2 inches of orange background fabric. The extra block is to be sent as well to be used as part of the quilt backing.

 • Information on main block should be veteran’s full name, rank if desired, branch of service, date of year or years served in Vietnam, unit veteran was assigned to, base or camp veteran was assigned to, veteran’s present health condition due to Agent Orange, if veteran is deceased state cause of death and age of veteran at time of death.

 • Other information on block could be veteran’s nickname in Vietnam, picture of veteran, unit patches, branch of service emblem, ribbons or medals awarded to veteran, etc., etc. Blocks can contain any of the following: patchwork, embroidery, appliqué, cross stitch etc. etc. Wording and lettering can be done in fabric pen or fabric paint in any color desired. If you do not have a Vietnam Veteran to make a block for, blocks with patriotic themes will be accepted. Blocks can be sent any time as these quilts are constantly being constructed. If you so desire, we would be willing to make a block in honor of your Vet if you are unable to do so yourself, it would be our pleasure.

 The “Quilts of Tears’ project have letters of acknowledgment and endorsement from the Agent Orange Coordinating Council chaired by the late Admiral Elmo Zumwalt and Vietnam Veterans of America Inc in Washington D.C.. The quilts have been displayed at a quilt show in N.J., and various Veterans Reunion’s.

PLEASE see the 2004 Quilts of Tears Display Schedule above for more displays.

 It is our hope that the quilts will be displayed every year Memorial Day weekends on the banks of the Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C. There are plans for the quilts to travel to various veteran’s functions and reunions.


Please check the Quilts of Tears Web Site; and see what others have to say about the project. PLEASE sign the guest book also.

 We want to show the world what was done to these victims; we will never allow them to be forgotten. Our heartfelt thanks to all who take part in this effort, we are deeply moved by your willingness to share your creativity in this endeavor and it touches our hearts. God bless our Vietnam Agent Orange Victims.


Consent form follows, please submit with quilt block:

 I give my consent that the quilt block I am submitting in honor of: _______________________________ will be placed in the “Quilts of Tears” for all time, Henceforth. I understand that the quilt block will permanently placed in a quilt. I agree to these terms out of love, respect and honor for our Nation’s Agent Orange Victims.

 Name of Veteran being honored: _________________________________________

 Name of person submitting block: ________________________________________

 Address: __________________________________________________________

 Telephone Number: _______________________________________________

 Relationship to veteran being honored: _________________________________

Date: __________________________________

 Signature: _____________________________________________________




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