This page is dedicated to those VIP ladies who gave us support while we were fighting in Vietnam.

The First and Very Special VIP was and still is




She came to the 25th IInfantry division’s main base camp, Cu Chi, Vietnam, first in 1966 when it was

just a beginning and a very hostile location. She being with a brave and kind heart chose to put herself

at risk and entertain us so far away from home.

She then returned later with Bob Hope and showed her support again!

I have the utmost respect for such a Brave and giving person to do so much for others who she didn’t know

Yet supported whole-heartedly.

There should be an award given by our country for those who give so much to those so far away and defending

their country.

I hope she knows in her heart that she touched so many and she is the BEST in our hearts and

minds today!



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The others I would like to thank are those who sent their photos to us as a kind gesture.

I had written many and received signed photos from

Raquel Welch and Chris Noel




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Please note: I was a young man at the age of 20 while serving my country in Vietnam in 1968-69 and that I loved the VIP women!

I also have the utmost-respect for BOB HOPE, which continually did shows in Vietnam during the police action.

This Dedication page is but a small offering of thanks for those who supported us in our time of need and it comes from the heart of

One Vietnam veteran who served. I believe that it is synonymous with the feelings of many veterans out there today.