This site is dedicated to HONORING VETERANS!
I am a PROUD Disabled Vietnam Veteran who has constructed this site with the intension to provide information pertaining to veterans, veteran's families and those interested in the Vietnam War (Police Action).
I constantly update my information, especially for AGENT ORANGE and its disability related problems, while listing many links for information pertaining to VA Disability & Health Benefits Claims.
I have information on the history of police actions (Korea & Vietnam), info on the 25th Infantry Division, student questions and answers, facts on the Vietnam War, personal encounters, photos, memorials, POW/MIA info, Veterans web links, Banner Links and more.
I have FREE Banners for those veterans who need them and give Web Site Awards.
You may see a FULL accounting of my web site and what it has to offer at my SITE MAP.

I DO NOT want any one surfing my pages that is a Draft Dodger, Flag Burner or individual who ran to another country to avoid serving our country during its time of need!

Here are some accumulated links that will help in the presentation of Veterans Administration Health Benefits and Compensation Claims.

Veterans Health Benefits Eligibility & Enrollment Eligibility
VHA provides this online Form 10-10EZ:
Application for Health Benefits or click on the PDF Icon:
Filing VA Compensation Claims require a copy of your DD Form 214, if lost, you can request a copy by downloading and completing a SF 180 request form.
Click on PDF form to go directly to form.
SF 180 Form
NARA How to Request Military Service Records or Prove Military Service NARA Web
Having problems locating a form or info on the VA Web? Try the VA Web Search. VA Web Search
To file for VA compensation claims/Health Benefits ONLINE go to VONAPP (Veterans On Line Applications) VONAPP Website
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder VVA Guide PTSD Guide

Included on my web site are many WEB VetLinks for information on Agent Orange, Its composition and by-products, which may be affecting YOU the Vietnam Veteran.

We as Vietnam Veterans have all been exposed and do not have to prove this fact, but have to show our medical problems are related to Agent Orange. I would also suggest that you sign the appropriate rosters noted on my Agent Orange page.

Vietnam Veterans must unite and make the public aware of the government's negligence in treating the medical problems caused by Agent Orange.

We are inflicted with many problems such as mine:
Peripheral Neuropathy: (VA Compensation 80%, Secondary to Diabetes, 20% per limb) Nerves dying, numbness in feet/hands/fingers/legs/arms/etc.
Diabetes Type II: (VA Compensation 10%) Watch food intake, see doctor, stay alive!
Chloracne: (VA Compensation 10%) Skin rashes, open sores, redness, discoloration of the skin, cyst's, boils, etc.
PTSD: (VA Compensation 30%) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
Sleep Apnea: A serious breathing disorder,
Hypertension: (VA Compensation 20%) High Blood Pressure and related heart problems.
Tinnitus: Ringing in the ears
COPD/Emphysema/Lung Disease: Low on oxygen, can't breath,(and never smoked)etc
Carpal Tunnel: Wrist problems.

AND the list goes on..............AS of 8/2007 I am now rated at 100% VA math or Regular math at 150%!
Other medical problems consist of: Knee Problems, A Constant burning sensation of my internal organs, of which, the VA cannot find the source. I relate this to AGENT ORANGE because other Vietnam veterans have complained of the same problem, and a few other problems.
MANY VA medical problems the government denies after a small time period of leaving the service. Outside doctors believe that it takes time for some of these problems to manifest themselves and should not be held to the time limit that the VA has determined.

I hope that these pages will help in filing and retrieving the proper forms for your claims and give you some ammunition to submit and win your claim. MUCH more information is on this web site for ALL visitors.

Vietnam Veterans please check my VetLinks pages, Sign My GuestBook and take some time to browse the many other pages listed in my SITE MAP.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

Operation Komando

Tinnitus Remedies

Veterans Loan Center

MORE BannerLinks

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